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Unfortunately, having been reading back issues of stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ms Marvel Vol. 1 I had forgotten that reading comics as they come out means waiting a month for the next one. :(

BUT OH MY GOD CAPTAIN MARVEL. There aren't really any spoilers since not a lot happens plotwise but I might ramble on a lot )
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The biggest problem with Tony Stark is that he's a repository for every neckbeard's insecure fantasies. He's insanely smart, insanely hot, insanely rich, and he's insanely douchey. Tony Stark is the fanboy id. I guess that would make Cap the superego, but we won't go into that right now. At the end of the day what's important to remember is that Cap was right and Tony was wrong.

Tony was wrong. Not just misguided, not just overzealous: fucking outright wrong. I honestly don't see how anyone can read the Civil War arc and not come to the conclusion that he's the George W Bush of Marvel. I know that's harsh, but that's essentially his character in that arc, which is shit for a couple of reasons.

The first is that Tony Stark can be a compelling character. Sure he's a douchebag, but he's obviously overcompensating for his mommy and daddy not loving him enough. The glimpses I've gotten of Howard Stark in the comics I've read have not been particularly positive. And yet, Tony worships his father. His decision (all fifty-seven times he made it) to stop Stark Industries developing weapons represents a serious ideological divide between the two of them, but I haven't read any arcs where that's explored in-depth. If they exist, please tell me about them.

The second is that it was handled so poorly. Not just what happened, but how it was done. The decisions Tony made, both before and after he became director of SHIELD, were awful. In the right context they could have been understandable, but they were badly written. And to then have Tony more or less commit suicide (martyr), come back (messiah), and have NO MEMORY of making them (mmmoron), is frankly stupid. To then have him defend those decisions despite the fact that he doesn't remember the context in which he made them is even more stupid. Civil War was handled poorly all the way through, as was the aftermath. It's no wonder that the prevailing sentiment now seems to be, "Oh well, let's just move on, shall we?"

At any rate, my next point is that there are so many opportunities right now to really do something interesting with Iron Man, and I don't think it's going to happen. Tony building up his company again from scratch? Done before. Piece of cake, especially when all your friends (to say nothing of people you've humiliated and fired) are willing to work for you for free. Seriously, what the fuck do you have to do in the Marvel verse to actually get ostracised? I have zero interest in Tony's alcoholism, because that has also been done before. Do something new and interesting, people. Enough of the same old angstypants shit. Find some new ground to cover, because as much as I like seeing Tony suffer, I want to see his suffering translate to actual character development.

Which brings me to Pepper. I've figured out what it is I like about the Rescue stuff, and it is this: Pepper now has the opportunity to illustrate what Tony could have been and wasn't. Not that it's all about Tony; I think it's about damn time Pepper came into her own instead of being 'Tony Stark's secretary.' It's just that at the same time, there's a chance here to show just where Tony went wrong. I long to see an arc wherein Tony realises this and starts seriously questioning his own decisions. I'd like to see him display some genuine humility and regret instead of conveniently apologising to people when he needs something from them. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll happen. Maybe I'll write the fic instead.

Actually, it is a bit weird to think that Tony is quietly colonizing all his friends into versions of himself. Weird and unsettling.
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Do I have fandoms again? I don't know. I guess I do. Sort of.

Sherlock (definitely not a fandom of mine because it is shit)
Remember, kids, women cannot be supersmart and devious unless they are also supersexy! Dominatrix sexy! Dominatrices have power over men! Except for Sherlock, who they can't help but fall madly in love with, just like everyone else on this fucking show. He's just so brilliant and smart and clever! Even when he's failing to consider really obvious things that a child would take into consideration, like the existence of camera phones. Until this guy grows another heart and builds a TARDIS, I do not want to hear about how in love with him the other characters are.

... actually, I would read that fic.

Iron Man
Obviously will out myself to anyone who happens to be reading this but wow, Tony Stark, biggest fuckup in the universe. Everything is his fault. Literally almost everything. I'm wondering what else is going to happen to this guy before earth becomes sentient and just ejects him from its surface. Ptoo.
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I've started reading fanfiction again. I saw the Sherlock Holmes sequel the other day, and, well. Robert Downey Jr is hot. He's a total ass, which by rights should put me off him, but apparently he's hot enough that it doesn't matter. Thus I went on a holiday fic reading binge that bounced from Sherlock Holmes movie fic to Tony Stark fic, with a side trip into X-Men: First Class fic because it featured Charles and Tony Stark.

Mostly I created this journal because obviously I can't discuss the relative merits of Tony Stark being molested by his AI with people I know IRL. There are just some things normal people will not understand.

Also, I woke up in the middle of the night, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.


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